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Thursday, July 30, 2015
from Moose International
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Administrator's Message
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Hello to all LOOM 521 and WOTM 1765 Members, I've completed my first year as Administrator and it has been very rewarding. There have been many upgrades to the Lodge in the last 1 1/2 years that are improving the appearance of the building. To mention a few improvements, the front of the building by the main entrance has been refurbished, a dumpster pad was laid down, a new bar top installed, electrical and A/C repairs, painting inside and out, new railings installed at the dinning room entrance and our parking lot replacement with the help of a grant from Moose International.

We could not have accomplished these upgrades without the support of our members attending our functions, playing bingo, bowling leagues, coming in for dinner and other activities the Lodge has put on. Members coming into the social quarters have also contributed to all of these improvements, without you we would be just another bar.

We are not finished with the clean up of our Lodge, there are still projects to be completed and we ask any and all if you are able donate some of your time and if you have particular skills we need all the volunteers we can get. Together we can make this building something to be proud of.
The WOTM 1765 Chapter have formed a kitchen committee and have made changes in our Thursday dinners. They are receiving kudos for the food that is being served. Come in and join us
hopefully you will enjoy some of the different tastes.We still have a once a month fish fry which has been successful, In order to accommodate all diners we have instituted a sign up sheet in the social quarters so that we can better prepare for those wishing to dine.

In closing I want to thank all who have supported me as Administrator, the job comes with many challenges and something that puts a smile on my face is when I'm approached by a member and they ask is there anything I can do to help! Please be a part of this great organization, anything you can do is greatly appreciated.

Fraternally, Paul Chmura, Administrator
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